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Some behaviour problems can be dealt with using basic training and don’t necessarily require a deeper approach, with a proper behavioural consultation. Examples of training issues are:

Some other behaviour problems are more complex and cannot be fixed with simple basic training. For these issues, a more detailed assessment of the underlying cause of the problem needs to be carried out so that appropriate treatment can be implemented. Examples of problems that require a proper consultation are:

When dealing with these kinds of problems, the job of the behaviourist is to collect all the necessary information to get to the root of the problem and to come up with clear, practical solutions.

A behavioural consultation takes between 2-3 hours and will involve compiling a full history as well as an assessment of your dog, in your home.

A detailed questionnaire will be sent to you in advance of the pre-arranged-appointment.

The behavioural problem exhibited by your dog will be discussed with you in detail, giving you an idea of why it is happening and how it is possible to fix it.

The consultation will be followed by a detailed report that includes a complete, step by step practical behaviour programme.

Support by email or phone is provided for three months following the consultation.

Follow-up visits can be arranged if necessary.

A behavioural consultation has to be considered the beginning of the treatment, not the end. While my purpose is to assist clients in successfully reaching their goals with their dogs, it is essential that owners are aware that the success of a program is primarily influenced by their willingness, level of effort and consistency. Reducing and replacing behaviour issues is a process that cannot be rushed. Teaching your dog to develop better behaviour may take time, depending on the dog’s nature and experiences. But, during this time, the owner and the behaviourist will work closely together, in order to support the dog and achieve the best outcome.

Often problem behaviour can be caused by a physical issue. Please ensure your pet has been checked by your veterinary surgeon prior to a consultation.

The cost of an initial behaviour consultation is £130.

Follow up session (if necessary): £50.

Where two dogs in the same household require a behavioural consultation, the initial cost is £180.

Follow up session (if necessary):£50.

Mileage charges may be applied (these will be discussed at the time of booking).

For certain behavioural problems I can offer skype consultations. The cost of a Skype consultation varies between £70 to £90, depending on the issue. Please see the “Skype Consultations” tab for more details.

Dogs learn by associating their actions with the consequences of those actions. By this process, they learn to behave in a certain way in order to obtain rewards and avoid punishments. A reward-based training method simply uses this concept to support the dog during his training experience. This is the method that I use to teach the owners how to properly communicate with their dog and it is essentially based on the concept of positively rewarding the correct behaviours (generally using food, play and praise) in order to increase their frequency. But using positive reinforcement doesn’t mean that if we simply reward the “good behaviours” and ignore the “bad behaviours” – these will naturally disappear. Sometimes ignoring an incorrect behaviour is not sufficient and it is instead necessary to actively address it by using practical steps.

One-to-one training

Not all behaviour problems require a behavioural consultation – some of these can be corrected by simply using the right training. One to one lessons are indicated to rectify certain issues that are difficult to address in group classes. For example, pulling on the lead, being too boisterous, don’t respond to the recall, or jumping on people. One to one lessons are generally conducted at your home.

The cost of a one to one training lesson is £40 per hour, or £70 for two hours.

Depending on the kind of problem, I will be able to tell you in advance if your case requires a single hour or more.

Mileage charges may be applied (these will be discussed at the time of booking).

For those of you who would prefer to attend a class, for basic obedience of adult dogs or more advanced training, I collaborate with the Waggy Tails Dog Training Club (Hambledon). The club’s training co-ordinator, Tony Liddell, is a fully qualified ADTB instructor and member of the APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). For any questions or further information about my services, feel free to contact me.