Skype Consultations

Behavioural Consultations via Skype

I offer consultations via Skype video calls if there are issues that can be dealt with effectively without attending in person.

Skype consultations are not a substitute for in-person dog training and there are some types of dog behaviour problems that are not appropriate for an online consultation, such as (but not only) dog-to-people aggression, or dog-to-dog aggression. In these cases I need to meet the dog, observe him in its own environment and see him “in action”, when facing the targets.

For other kind of issues, a skype consultation can be a good option to support you and your dog.

The length of consultations may vary according to the complexity of the behavioural problem (it generally varies between 1 to 2 hours).

The cost of the service entirely depends on the issue. Some problems can be fixed in a short time and the amount of work required is relatively limited. Other problems are more complicated and require a wider investment in terms of energy and time.

During a skype consultation I will ask you many questions in order to identify the right way to adequately support you and your dog.

I will then discuss with you how to appropriately correct the unwanted behaviour, using practical training techniques and specific rehabilitation methods. During our online meeting you won’t need to take notes as, within a week, I will send you a detailed plan for you to follow and practice with your dog, with all the points we have touched upon previously. Once you start working with your dog, I will follow you (by email or phone) so that we can make any adjustments necessary.

What Shall I Do If I Am Interested In A Skype Consultation?

What Kind Of Problems Can Be Treated Using A Skype Consultation?


A skype consultation can be beneficial for treating common puppy issues, such as:

…and with a skype consultation you can also learn:

Adolescent and Adult Dogs

Online consultations can also be useful for behavioural problems such as: